How We Help

Valiant Partners is here for you.

Those of us raising a child or loved one with special needs have certain concerns that other parents do not. We fret over whether our child will have all the necessary resources to reach his or her potential. And we worry about how he or she will get by when we’re no longer around.

Valiant Partners is here for you. We can:

  • Help you develop a comprehensive life care plan that is built on a solid financial foundation and allows you to look toward the future with confidence.
  • Assemble a team of professionals to provide input on and execute the recommendations in your plan.
  • Create a long-term roadmap to ensure someone will always be looking out for your child once you’re gone.

We address these issues:


Navigating the educational programs and services available in their community is the top concern for many of our clients. You may need assistance while working with your school district on your child’s individualized education program (IEP) or in even earlier stages of your child’s life with an individualized family service plan that connects you and your child with services at birth through age 3 as early intervention is so critical. 

Every child is entitled to a Free Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment. You may need referrals to experts who can help advocate for your child receiving an appropriate education. Wherever you may be in navigating your child’s education we will provide you guidance to help ensure your child receives what is best to help her realize her learning potential.

Legal and Estate Planning

It’s important to prepare a special needs trust for a child with special needs which can help protect your child receiving public benefits while also helping you map out the life you’d like to make possible for your child. So, too, is naming a guardian as well as a successor guardian for your child and trust protectors within the special needs trust. If your loved one with special needs has reached the age of majority you may need help considering whether conservatorship or a less restrictive means of protection are best for your loved one’s safety and well-being. We work with attorneys to handle these and other legal responsibilities, such as writing a will, creating a durable power of attorney and helping you articulate how you envision your child’s future with a letter of intent. Most importantly we are available to help you each step of the way.

Government Benefits

No matter what your family’s level of financial security, you should understand what government benefits you and your child may be entitled to — now and in the future. We can guide you in assessing your child’s eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Benefits, Medicare, Medicaid and other benefits. 

Care Management

From medical, dental, eye and psychological care to physical therapy, occupational therapy and more, we help you consider your loved one’s health and support needs to ensure his or her providers are providing appropriate supports. We also make sure the proper insurance coverages are in place and connect you with public benefit services.


Is maintaining an active social and recreational life key to the happiness of your child? We can help you determine what needs to be in place, whether financial or other supports, that may help your child live a happy social life with favorite friends, interests, hobbies, vacations spots and so on. 

Tax Planning

We know from firsthand experience the many expenses that come with raising a child with special needs. There are available tax deductions and tax credits to take advantage of. We will help you identify and work with your tax preparers to uncover any ongoing tax planning opportunities, tax deductions or tax credits. 


Adults with special needs may be able to pursue a variety of employment opportunities. We can help you build a network and leverage employment programs and resources to find those opportunities and secure a rewarding job for your child. 


Where would you like your child to live when he or she is older? What housing options are available in your state? What type of living arrangements would suit your child best? We can help you weigh the options and ensure your child ends up in the most appropriate residential setting.


What are the best transportation methods for your child? Does your state present transportation options? We can identify the right solution so your child maintains the proper level of independence. 


Family finances are at the heart of your life care plan. We account for both the lifetime income needs of your child with special needs as well as retirement income, college savings and other factors that pertain to you and the rest of your family. We also identify possible shortfalls and craft a strategy grounded in evidence-based investing to get you on track. 

Socially Responsible Investments

For some, creating wealth is about returns. Others want to use their portfolios to reflect their values.

At Valiant Partners, we’re sensitive to these concerns (and share them.) We can filter investments to align with your social conscience.

We will work with you to screen companies who profit from alcohol, tobacco, pornography, or gambling and include those whose activities are consistent with your concerns about climate change, diversity, human rights and other issues.

If you want to make a positive change through your investments, we want to partner with you.